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whoo... [03 Feb 2004|07:46pm]

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Lo! Who is that, skulking along the tarmac! It is Songstressyuna, hands clutching gilded boxing gloves! She bellows homicidally:

"I'm going to punch you so hard, your screams will shatter lightbulbs world-wide!!"

Find out!
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o__________o;;; [01 Dec 2003|07:49pm]
Rave Gamer

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Lol, Back! [29 Nov 2003|09:53pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

...Me, Jess, Tara, Rachel, and Eric went over to Kevin's house and I just got back home. It was sooo much fun there. For the first hour or so we sat in his room, talked and listened to music... except me. I was so amused with his Samurai sword and all the knives he had. Boy... Then after we got bored of sitting in his room, we went outside and I tried to skateboard... Not a pretty site, ne? But then after that, we were outside and we stood around, being very cold. Then we went inside and then Tara's brother came to pick us up. In a nutshell, we had fun. Lol

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Dude, I stole this from Jess. [13 Sep 2003|09:59pm]
+ name: Samantha
+ nicknames: Téa, Sammie, Genevieve, Stupid-head >_<;
+ sex: female
+ birthdate: October 19
+ star sign: Libra
+ place of birth: At my mom's work.. Rotfl, she worked at a hospital
+ current residence: umm....Cincinnati?
+ hair colour: Red... ugh.. Blonde, and Brown
+ eye colour: Green or Brown or both.. depends on how I'm feeling
+ height: 5'5 and ¾"
+ writing hand: right

+ do you bite your nails: Yes, unfortunatly ._.;
+ can you roll your tongue: umm...lemme think... Yeah, i frink
+ can you raise one eyebrow at a time: Yessum
+ can you blow smoke rings: No... I don't smoke... Tis Icky
+ can you blow spit bubbles: HELL YEAH!
+ can you cross your eyes: I think so... Let me check.
+ coloured hair: Nooo... It's all natural ;o
+ tattoos and where: My wrist and my arm.. I got bored during social studies >_<
+ piercings and where: Yes, my ears and my pants
+ do you make your bed daily: Only when i'm about to goto sleep. haha >_<
+ what goes on first, bra or underwear: umm, my undies!! :X
+ which shoe goes on first: umm, it doesnt matter o_o but usually the right one
+ speaking of shoes, thrown one at someone: Rotfl, yes. Alot.
+ how much money is usually in your wallet: Dude.. I usually have $1 to $20 in my pocket.
+ what jewelery do you wear 24/7: My necklace, my drawn on bracelets and my mana beads + what's sexiest on a guy: oOo His chest, his eyes and his face ;o
+ what's sexiest on a girl: Their eyes and smile
+ do you twirl your sphagetti or cut it: I twirl it, Rotfl. I'm an oddball.
+ how many cereals are in your cabinet: hold on, lemme check...SIX!! but I only eat my capn' crunch, Rotfl.
+ what utensils do you use when eating pizza: umm.. My fingers?

GROOMiNG[dude, prepare to be grossed out]
+ how often do you brush your teeth: its between 2 and 3 times a day
+ how often do you shower/bathe: every school day or night. Morning - 6:00, Night - 9:00
+ how long do these showers last: 15 minutes to an hour >_<;
+ hair drying method: umm, towl drying, then i use the blowdryer
+ do you paint your nails: Sometimes...only when i bored
+ do you swear: yeah... in my head :X
+ do you mumble to yourself: Very much so.
+ do you spit in public: ummm....sometimes >_<;
+ do you pee in the shower: say wha...
+ in the cd player: Steal This Album, System Of A Down
+ person you talk most on the phone with: Taryn, Nancy or Chris
+ what colour is your bedroom: White >_<;
+ do you use an alarm clock: Yeah, but i set it on Raido to wake me up XD
+ name one thing or person you're obsessed with: Haley Joel Osment... I Talk about how much I love him everyday >_<;;;;
+ have you ever skinnydipped with the opposite sex: Not that I know of o__o;
+ ever sunbathed in the nude: Heeeellllll nooooo.
+ window seat or aisle: ummm...doesnt matter to me =/
+ what's your sleeping position: on my side, my stomach, or scrunched up
+ what kind of bed do you like: I like water beds x.x;
+ in hot weather do you use a blanket: Yes, it gets cold with my ac on ._.
+ do you snore: No
+ do you sleepwalk: I think so.. Not often, Only when I hafta pee :x
+ do you talk in your sleep: no I dont say that I do
+light on or off: Off. I love the dark. Buutttt, I have a street lamp outside my window =/
+ do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: No

+ were kissed or kissed someone: I've never been kissed before x-x;
+ watched bambi: dude, i dont know if i've ever seen that
+ cried: Today ._.;
+ talked on the phone: last night
+ read a book: a few days ago
+ punched someone: ROTFL!!! Yesterday ._.;
+ where do you see yourself ten years from now: I see myself as an actress
+ who are you gonna be married to and where: Haley Joel Osment and we'll live in California!
+ how many kids do you want to have: We'll have our own little football team.. Rotfl, j/k. I'll have like... 5 to 10 kids =/
+ your profession: AN ACTRESS!!
+ future college: University of Cincinnati, or someplace in japan =/

+ who is your best friend: I have three... Nancy, Taryn, and Heero
+ what friend do you hang out with the most: Taryn
+ what friend makes you smile the most: Nancy and Heero
+ friend that you fight with the most: Neil ._.;
+ one you talk to the most online: NANCYYYY
+ friend that you miss the most: Miss? umm.. Nancy, because i'm usually never on and Heero cause he's not on much anymore =/

+ pop music: sure
+ rock music: hella yes
+ punk music: of course
+ rap music: haha! sure, why not
+ r&b music: i never understood what R & B meant ._.;
+ country music: Depends on my mood
+ jazz music: uhh... sometimes =/
+ classical music: Oh Yes!
+ new age music: huh?
+ what is one band/singer you love that no one else does or seems to have heard of: Evanescence

+ boy/girlfriend: currently...Single =/
+ ever been in love: yeah, and the he broke my heart.. I'm over him...really ... I am ._.
+ ever had a long relationship: almost a year...does that count?
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OMG!!! >: [13 Sep 2003|08:53pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Okay, so last weekend, I had to work at the Harvest Home Parade and the Fair as well. Yeah, mhmm.... Well, after I was done working at the fair, it was around 11:00pm/11:30pm and Sam's mom was going to drive me and my mom home. But first we had to stop at Tara's house, I cant remember why, though. Anywho, somebody said something about going to Meijer and I was all like "Dude!! I wanna go!!" so I ended up stay at Tara's till Sam's mom came back. And then, Me, Tara, Sam, and both of their moms went to Meijer.

First we went looking at the clothes; just me, Sam, and Tara. Then I about begged them to come look at video games with me. Sam fell asleep while I was looking at all the PS2 and GBA games and when Tara was playing some game on the Gamecube. It was around 12:20am when we first got there so im guessing we woke her up around 12:47am.

From there, we went looking for the moms. I was tempted to go sleep on one of the display beds but for some reason I didn't. When we found them, they were ready to goto the checkout line. The line was so freaking long T.T;;

Anywho, Sam said "Let's go ride the horse!!" and I was like "Dude! Okay!!" and so we went to one of the little kiddy horses they have and it was only 1¢. I was shocked. So we broke out out pennies and we rode the horse thingie. On Sam's second turn, the manager dude came out and he was like "Please get off that. The Horse is for little kids." I WAS SOOOO PISSED OFF!!! Look, there was no sign that said it was for children under a certain age!! >: It makes me so upset!!

Grr.. Anyway.... We went back to the line and then me and Tara got cups for the Icee machine and we mixed up our Icee thingies with the Coke flavor and the Cherry Flavor. It took Sam about 5 minutes to accually make up her mind that she wanted one too.

So when everything was done, we went out to the van and rode home. That was about 1:30am. On the way home we listend to "Open Arms" by Journey... I think anyway.. Rotfl. When I got home, both my parents were asleep in the living room waiting for me. Mom wasnt upset because she knew where I was and knew the people I was with so, that was cool.
That continues my lovely story from last week.

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-ahem- [30 Aug 2003|12:03pm]
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